About me

HUNGAROBIRDS – Bird watching and wildlife phototours tailored for your needs!

meMy name is Zoltán Pabar, I am a freelance wildlife photographer and tour guide. I have been organising and leading wildlife watching tours for over 15 years. In 2007 I started to organise private tours under the name  Hungarobirds. My tours are based in a small Hungarian town, Kisújszállás, where I live with my family – my wife Kriszta and our sons the little Tomi and Dani – and I also have a nice guesthouse here (www.villa-aquila.hu).

I always try to do my best in my job, but the clients who know me, can probably say much more about it:

“Nature in the land of the puszta’s in spring is as we experienced just fantastic. Photographic opportunities are endless and under the excellent guidance of Zoltán I could explore various unique options to study the behaviour of birds and mammals. Red-footed falcon’s stool my heart and several photo-opportunities were devoted to capture flying patterns and mating behaviour, see the accompanying picture. In addition the nice stay in the guesthouse provided the whole family a great experience and an excellent taste of Hungarian hospitality!”

Jan van der Greef from The Netherlands

“I spent five days at the end of April with Zoltan of Hungarobirds looking for Hungarian puszta and forests birds: I could really get what I needed . The place where Hungarobirds is located is close to all the important bird areas all are reachable in short time.
Zoltan is very professional and he keeps trying until you get the target you need , either is a bird to photograph or to see : he knows the area inch by inch and besides that you can use his very interesting and comfortable hides to make excellent shot.”

Francesco Veronesi from Italy

„I had a fantastic day birding with Zoltan! He is a skilled birder, both in terms of identification of species and knowing where to find them, and he worked hard to find my target species for the day, Red-breasted Goose. And we also saw a number of other great birds along the way, like Tundra Swan, Short-eared Owl, and Imperial Eagle. The bird photographer will benefit from his excellent network of blinds in a variety of habitats, as well as his expertise as a photographer. Zoltan has been to many places and his English is great, so it is a pleasure to talk with him too. I highly recommend Hungarobirds to birders and nature photographers!”

Kurk Dorsey

Durham, New Hampshire, USA