„Birdwatching and wildlife photography tours tailored to your needs”

Our aim is to provide our guests with the best service that we possibly can. We realize that to give the same high quality service to all our guests, we need to ensure that  we restrict the number of visitors on each of our tours. If you are part of a group with a big bus company, the tour leader’s information reaches the few guests in the front seats, but only fragments  will be heard by the rest of the group. The situation is the same for  ecotours too: the guide leads the trip and the first 2-3 guests see all the species, but the remaining guests following behind them will see very little. So we decided that  our tours should be limited to a maximum 3 guests per tour leader. With such a small number of guests we can be very flexible –  everybody gets lots of attention and help, everybody gets a good view, and everybody is happy!

Our story started in the late 90’s when Zoltan began working with the Nature Discovery Camps in  his hometown of Túrkeve to guide children on summer holiday.Zoltan went on to study nature conservation and farming at University and led the university’s Nature Conservation Group and also the Owl Conservation Society. As part of his university education, he travelled to study different habitats and conservation projects in Germany and the Netherlands.

After graduating, Zoltan  worked for the Agriculture Ministerium, but he found that he did not enjoy working indoors all day in an office.  He decided to move to England to learn the language and, when he returned  to Hungary in 2006, he started to offer his own birding tours under the Hungarobirds name. Since then, the tours have developed and expanded in both subjects and locations – we now offer both birdwatching and  wildlife/bird photography tours in Hungary and beyond: for the last few years we have offered tours in Romania, Slovenia, Poland and England.

For our guest’s comfort Zoltan and his wife Kriszta have built the Villa Aquila – luxury private accommodation with a landscaped garden and swimming pool – where our guests can relax after a long day. We continue to focus on providing the best experience for our guests, so as we have expanded Zoltan has recruited other guides – Béla and Soma – to support our tours.