Hungary’s unique biodiversity offers up an incredibly rich birding experience for visitors.

Hungary has probably the most beautiful birdlife in Europe. This is due to the country’s location. You can find here the classic European and the Mediterranean species from the Balkan’s, but there are some bird species also quoted in the Central Asian steppes. Visiting such a variety of habitats the success of the birding trip guaranteed but as with all trips, it requires organization. Right timing and the right choice of places are vital and I am there to provide assistance with such tasks. My tours are organised for all kinds of nature lovers from the beginners to the professionals. We already had birding groups from associations, but we organise tailormade trips for twitchers too. I have different bird guidebooks in German, English, Italian, Soumi and Hungarian languages. I have birding applications in more than 20 different languages, so I am sure that the communication about the birds will not be a problem.
And finally let me offer you some of my tours.


Woodpecker tour

This birdwatching tour is primarily focussed on European woodpeckers. Most of the tour takes place in Hungary, with one day spent in the Romanian mountains. In the spring woodpeckers are highly active in these territories, so there is a good chance of observing the 9 European woodpeckers along with the Wryneck. Read more….

Autumn bird migration

Autumn Migration is something that can be experienced by all. September is a great month to look out for the highest number of birds on the move and begin to stream into the country from Eastern and Northern Europe. The raptors, waders and thousands of small birds start to migrate south and during this journey they stay short or longer time here in Hungary. Read more…

Cranes and Geese tour

The Main feature of this season’s birdwatching is the bird migration. Throughout the Autumn (October and November) huge flocks of Geese and Common Cranes are arriving. After long or short stays, they might migrate south or spend the winter here with us. The thousands of geese and ducks are extremely attractive prey for raptors too.  Read more…