Hawfinch hide

The hide is located in Kisújszállás in my father in low’s farmyard. In the surrounding area we can find a park with oak trees, a garden with fruit trees, grassland with wildroses and agricultural fields. This diversity makes the wide selection of the birdspecies, what we can see from this hide. The birds get used to the daily human activity.

We can go into the hide and it can be left at any time you think.

The birds usually come within 1-8 meters. We recommend a „big” lens like a 500 mm or 300 mm lenses and a „short” lens like 70-200 mm. Zoom lenses and extenders can be useful also.

The Hides 250 cm wide, 130 cm long and 170 cm high. The reflex glass window is 220 cm by 40 cm.

Possible species: Green woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Syrian Woodpecker, Sparrowhawk, Brambling, Hawfinch, Black Redstart, Serin, Red-backed Shrike, Blackbird, Song trush, Lesser Whitetrouth, Nightingale…