The wildlife photography is a fantastic way to observing the natural world!

I always like to be in the nature with my camera. I had my first camera in 1996 and since that time I was always keen on photographing the wildlife. My favorites are the birds, but I love the insects also. When I start to organise my photography tours, I decided to giude my guest carefully and ecological friendly. I take care about the local wildlife, I am doing conservation activities and try to protect the natural tresores as much as much I can. I have buildt hides in the natural enviroment but we were very carefull all the time when we choose the location of them: It must be good for the photographers, but also excepteble for the wildlife. During the tours we will use hides, we organising jeep safaries and boat tours too. In winter we are on the fields as much as much we can, because the days are short, but in the summer we start in the early morning using the nice low lights in the first 2-4 hours and we work again in the late afternoon in the nice soft light again. I recommend my tours for everyone who loves nature and interested in wildlife photography. From the begginer to the professional everybody can be successful in my places.



My tours are carefully planned so that they take place during the time of year that the target species are most readily seen. During the tours we  strive to accomodate the wishes of all our guests and show each of them ythe wildlife species that they are interested in seeing. We offer a selection of ready-made tours for a wide variety of species but we can also work with you to create a tailor-made tour to fit your personal needs Read more…



My hides are located in the Kisújszállás-Túrkeve area which contains many important bird habitats including grasslands, riverside woodlands, and marshes. There are both man-made and natural aquatic habitats. Our  hides are built from natural materials thus they perfectly merge with their enviroment and the landscape. Read more…



A succesful phototour always depends on good timing: you or your guide must know when the target species are most active and the best times and locations to photograph them. This short list will help you to plan your trip and shows the variety of species that we can offer you. Read more…