Red deer roth photography

The main goal of this tour is to show you the Hungarian nature and the Hungarian big game stock. In this tour we will visit Hungary’s two leading game keeper areas: the „Bőszénfa” deer farm, which is the largest game farm in Hungary and the world famous „Gemenc” game reserve.Dates: August, 2017:  Fully booked! Preregister for the next year is available!

The cost of this trip is 240000 HUF/person. It is included: transfer from and back to the airport, accommodation, guiding, entrance fees, meals, all travel and fuel during the trips. It doesn’t include insurance, air tickets and alkoholic beverages.

1st day

I will meet you at the Budapest Airport and after a two-hour drive we will arrive at our warm-up place: the „Bőszénfa” deer farm. After we checked in to our accommodation, we will go and visit the farm, where we will see how the modern game keeping works. After this, we will go to visit the photo hides of the deer farm. From these photo hides we will prepare for the next days: we study how the animals move, their size, their behaviour, etc.
The „Bőszénfa” deer farm is located in a small village in the southern part of Hungary. The farm works on 1300 hectares of game-fields, where they keep hundreds of animals: Red deer, Wild boars, Roe deer, Fallow deer, Mouflons. From the photo hides we can photograph them easily in their natural habitat, without any disturbing fences, towers, gates or feeders.
After the photography session we go to the restaurant for diner and then back to the accommodation, where we can discuss our experiences of the day.

2nd day

In the early morning we will use the hides again in the farm. Later we will drive to the Duna-Dráva National Park, where we visit the „Gemenc” area. This place is the most famous hunting-field in Hungary and also well-known all around the world, because you can find Europe’s best population of Red deer here. We will spend the next 4 days in this nature reserve. This area is the largest riverside forest in Hungary. The habitat is a mix of forest, marshes, swamps, reed-beds, lakes, grasslands and ox-bow lakes. This diverse area is ideal for big games, so it is the best place for photographers, who want to photograph these.

3rd day

We will start the day just before dawn, while its still dark so we can get as close to the deer as possible. After we settled in our positions we wait for the first rays of sunlight and then start taking photos. After our morning experiences we go back to our accommodation where our breakfast / early lunch will wait for us. In the afternoon we will set up our portable hides at an oxbow lake, where with a bit of luck we can photograph Kingfisher, White tailed eagle, but also the Wild boar and the Red deer use this place for bathing and feeding.

4th day

We will spend the morning on the fields again and we will use the national park rangers’ and the hunters’ directions to have the best chance to photograph the roaring deer. Later we can visit an island near our accommodation where we try to take some nice captures of wild boars and deer near their wallow from our mobile hides. In the evening we will chill out with wine/palinka tasting.

5th day

Today we will visit a hunting field on its weekly feeding day by the game keepers. The easy extra food will attract hundreds of animals to visit the feeding place: first the wild boars will arrive and provide actions minute by minute. Later the red deer will come in good numbers, so it will be the time for some action photos. We will have dinner our guesthouse, where our friends will cook a traditional Hungarian food for us.

6th day

In the morning we try again to photograph the deer in the wild, but after our lunch we pack and drive back to „Bőszénfa” deer farm where we started our journey. In the afternoon we will use the hides on the farm again.

7th day

If we still have time and energy, in the early morning we can try again the photo hides on the deer farm. After the morning wild boar and deer photography we drive back to the airport.

The great number of the games of these places will guarantee the success of our tour. During the tour my colleagues and I will do our best we can so all our guests will be in the positions to take the desired pictures of the wild boars and deer they wished for.

Accommodation: you will be accommodated in a local hotel or guesthouse

Meals: During this tour in the mornings we will have to be on the fields before dawn, so it will be way to early for the breakfast. So our daily routine will be the following: before we leave the house you can eat or pack a sandwich. When we come back from the morning photography (about 10:00 am) we will have a nice late breakfast. The lunch will be before we leave to our afternoon hides (about 3:00 pm). The dinner will be in a local restaurant, order from the A’la cart menu after we came back from the fields (about 9:00 pm)

What you need to bring with you: a camera with a good lens (300 – 500 mm, F2.8, F4 are the best), tripod or monopod, torch, rainproof jacket, camouflage clothing, mosquito-repellent.