Photo tours

When designing and arranging my photo trips I always try to make sure to offer my guests photo trips that I would enjoy myself. When on a trip, I like catching and observing everything I can, and this is why I organize small group trips, with up to 4 people, including myself (i.e. me and up to 3 guests). Trips are made up of a combination of shooting from a hide and shooting from the field—that is, we spend one part of the day being “indoor”, and the other one exploring nature and enjoying fresh air. When on a trip, I try to do my best to provide my guests with the widest array of photography themes available in Hungary. In addition to the species I offer you may capture many other creatures and the landscape as well. As far as theme is concerned, participants can choose anything they want—I will be there to help you to get the best out of the trip.

The success of trips greatly depends on appropriate timing. This is why we offer our trips with fixed dates. This does not mean that it would not be possible to go at any other time: this simply means that the time offered is the best one.


Winter bird photography tour

On this trip we visit the places where birds congregate to get food—waters not freezing over in winter and areas around bird feeders. In winter, you may find many interesting birds in urban parks. The landscape covered in snow and frost is a lifetime memory for any visitor.

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_MG_0489Spring bear photography

When spring comes and melts the snow, forests come back to life: birds return from their wintering grounds, and bears come out of their caves. This trip is to visit the forests of springtime bird songs and bear tracks and trails.

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Red-footed Falcon photography

Red-footed Falcons have just returned from their wintering. Following a brief rest, these birds occupy their nests and start mating – hopefully, in front of our cameras. Besides Red-footed falcons, you may capture other colourful birds as well

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Spring bird photography tour

Hungary’s migrating birds return in the spring. They are colourful, nice, and photogenic. This is what we take advantage of during the trip, for we take photos of the Roller, the Red-footed Falcon, the Hoopoe and with some luck the colourful Bee-eater as well.

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 gyurgyalagBee-eater photography

The European Bee-eater is one of Hungary’s most beautiful birds. Its colourful plumage is breathtaking. During this trip we focus mainly on these birds, but obviously we will have some time to take pictures of other wonders of the natural world as well.

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sept Summer bird photography tour

During this trip we explore the places birds prefer the most in the heat of summer. Watersides get even more exciting in this season: one may take photos of birds having a bath, drinking and feeding

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red deer rutBig game photography in Hungary

The main goal of this tour is to show you the Hungarian nature and the Hungarian big game stock. In this tour we will visit Hungary’s leading game area the world famous „Gemenc” game reserve.

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oktTailor made tour

A tailor-made photography trip designed with us is the proper option for clients with needs exceeding the scope and time of trips offered.

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