Red-footed Falcon workshop

During this workshop I will guide you around Túrkeve where quite a few Red-footed Falcon colonies are located. In these breeding areas falcons are very active in this season: display, mate, keep their eyes on the nests, fight, fly, so we have many good opportunities to take good photos. The main target of this tour is Red-footed Falcon, however we will use my other hides and work in the fields as well.

Dates: 2018, 01 – 06 May    Places available

The cost of this trip is 250000 HUF/person. It is included: transfer from and back to the airport, accommodation, guiding, entrance fees, food, all travel and fuel during the trips. It doesn’t include insurance, air tickets and alkoholic beverages.

Day 1

I will meet you at the Airport and after a two-hour drive we will arrive at your accommodation. After you are settled in, depending on the time of our arrival, we will have lunch or dinner in a local restaurant. If we have time, we will take a walk around town with our cameras and binoculars.

Day 2

At dawn we will visit one of the Red-footed Falcon sites by the town of Túrkeve where we can take pictures of the birds basking in the first rays of the morning sun. Then we will walk around the neighbouring puszta in search of great photo subject matters. In the meanwhile you will have a chance to see Lesser Grey Shrikes, Sakers, Barn Owls, Long-eared Owls,  Great Bustards and Kestrels.

After the afternoon break we are going to explore the surrounding territories. During our walk we will be able to take pictures of Little Bittern, Great Reed Warbler, Cuckoo and Penduline Tit. With a bit of luck we can observe the first returning Red-backed Shrikes. Above the reed we can often see Marsh Harriers flying too.

Day 3

At dawn we will visit my Tower Hide constructed with the purpose of monitoring Red-footed Falcon. Here you can take pictures of the birds enjoying the first rays of the rising sun. From this hide we can also spot Lesser Grey Shrikes, Rollers, Jackdaws and Kestrels.

After the midday siesta we will visit the Great Bustard Reserve in Dévaványa. On the way there we will probably meet Rollers, Great Bustards and Imperial Eagle. In the exhibition centre you can have an insight into the Hungarian Great Bustard preservation. This place is perfect for the observation of Great Bustard, Wryneck, Montagu’s Harrier and Hoopoe.

Day 4

At dawn we will visit one of the Red-footed Falcon sites by Túrkeve where we can take pictures of the birds’ early morning activities. Following the dawn activities we will walk around the neighbouring puszta again to look for subjects to shoot. You can expect sightings of Lesser Grey Shrikes, Hoopoe, Barn Owls, Long-eared Owl and Kestrels.

After the lunch break we will visit one of the most beautiful fishing ponds in the neighbourhood where we can encounter Pygmy Cormorants and different kinds of Heron. During the afternoon we will have a chance to see Ferruginous duck, Marsh Harriers, Bearded Tits and Pond terrapins as well.

Day 5

We will start our photo tour in my Garden Hide located in Túrkeve. We will mainly see Finches there, however Syrian Woodpecker and Green Woodpecker are also regular guests at the drinking pond. The first frogs and Grass snakes (commonly known as water snake in Hungary) can be spotted by the lake and sometimes hedgehogs and hares come there to drink.

After a midday siesta we will visit the neighbouring rice fields where Bluethroats, Sedge Warblers and Savi’s Warblers can be spotted. Waders can also be encountered in large number and this time of the year you can watch the first Collared Pratincoles arriving.

Day 6

If we have enough time before leaving  for the airport we will drive around to search the neighbouring fields for Corn Bunting, Yellow wagtail and many other small songbirds.



Breakfast: packed lunch during the day

Lunch: in a local restaurant

Dinner: at your accommodation


Daily programs are subject to weather conditions. We reserve the right to change the order of events or the programs partly or in whole.

All programs can be tailored to your interests and needs based on prior arrangement.

If you need further information about this particular tour, please contact us.