Tailor made Eagle photo tour around Túrkeve

I got from Hungarobirds and from Zoltan Pabar easygoing, prompt and professional service and he arranged excellent opportunities to take good bird pictures.

My only complaiment is that Zoltan did not arrange the snow I was waiting for…


Markus Varesvuo

From Finland

wte Markus Varesvuo

Birding trip in September

“just a few words to thank you for the wonderful couple of days spent with you around Turkeve this September. Thanks to your excellent local knowledge and patience, we managed to find a wide range of birds on the nearby puszta and farmland. Together with the owls we saw 15 bird of prey species including imperial and white tailed eagles, soaring buzzards and a long legged buzzard, numerous red foooted falcons, fantastic views of ospreys, a saker preening itself and of course the ever present marsh harriers. It was also great to see my very first corncrake crossing the road right in front of us.
Visits to the local fish ponds were just as interesting with a wide range of wading birds, herons, egrets and if I remember correctly, 75 black storks!
I particularly enjoyed the local dishes and of course staying in that amazing village house that you arranged in Turkeve and with the local spa and everything it seems the ideal place for a family stay where non birdwatching family members could enjoy the facilities when the others are off birdwatching..
Thank you once again and I hope to see you next year”

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Philip Cliffe

from England


Early spring phototour in Hungary

“I spent five days at the end of April with Zoltan of Hungarobirds looking for Hungarian puszta and forests birds: I could really get what I needed . The place where Hungarobirds is located is close to all the important bird areas all are reachable in short time.
Zoltan is very professional and he keeps trying until you get the target you need , either is a bird to photograph or to see : he knows the area inch by inch and besides that you can use his very interesting and comfortable hides to make excellent shots .
I can remind some top emotional moments of the trip : the finding of a Middle-spotted woodpecker after a long research, a very close black woodpecker hunting ants for almost half hour, a tour by car inside the Karos-Maros NP to look for the great bustards , the findings of many reed birds in a protected reserve in the Tisza River.
Thanks to Zoltan, I am very satisfied and I think I will come again in another season to try different bird and photography situations.”

Francesco Veronesi

from Italy


Hiking in Transilvania

“Thank you for the three wonderful days I was able to spend with you on the plateau of Padis (Bihor Mountain). Although I have been in the area before, with your guide I could discover a different side of the plateau.

With your expertise I could admire a lots of species. To watch in the early hours of the morning from nearby the Bullfinch trying to drink from the frozen water or to watch the motionless Ural Owl in between the trees or watch the Nutcracker and so on was an amasing experience.

During the excursion I took lots of wonderful pictures. Our trip took us to beautiful roads and land through the once autumn like, once winter like Mountain. I will recommend this tour to everyone, who likes nature and/or photography.”

Flora Rainer
from Hungary

Phototour on the puszta

“Nature in the land of the puszta’s in spring is as we experienced just fantastic. Photographic opportunities are endless and under the excellent guidance of Zoltán I could explore various unique options to study the behaviour of birds and mammals. Red-footed falcon’s stool my heart and several photo-opportunities were devoted to capture flying patterns and mating behaviour, see the accompanying picture. In addition the nice stay in the guesthouse provided the whole family a great experience and an excellent taste of Hungarian hospitality!”

Jan van der Greef

from The Netherlands


Early summer phototour around Turkeve

“I stayed in Turkeve at the end of June for a five day individual photographic trip with Hungarobirds. My main targets were three – Hoopoe, Bee-eater and Roller – and I can say that I was fully satisfied with all of them. We were lucky with the weather and Zoltan was a perfect guide. Beyond my three “must”, I could observe more than 80 different species and take nice pictures of many of them: Red-footed Falcon, Grey, Great White, Night and Squacco Herons, Little Bittern, Kingfisher, Cormorant and Pigmy Cormorant, various small birds as Yellow Wagtail, Corn Bunting, Greenfinch, Hawfinch… And I was also so lucky to meet, unespectedly, a family of Long-eared Owls who nested into a nest-box, and a Barn Owl dozing inside an old barn, obviously…”.

Cesare Della Pietá

from Italy


Early May birding in Hungary

“From 1 to 3 May we birded around Eger and Dévaványa. The main reason was to watch the Ural Owl and Saker Falcon, both lifers, and the Great Bustard. Through E-Mail I contacted Zoltan Pabar and he made all the arrangements for these days (guide, guest house and dinner). So on 1 May we met with our guide at Egerszalók, who guided us in the Bükk mountains. He was very eager to show the Ural Owl (in which he succeeded) and Saker Falcon. On 3 May we met Zoltan at the ricefields of Kisújszállás and he showed us Saker Falcon, Red-footed Falcon and European Roller. All-in all, three days of fantastic and well organised birding.”

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Juke and Peter van Scheepen

The Netherlands


Spring phototour with the Hungarobirds

“We want to thank you again for everything, for the kind welcome and for your professionalism and availability to us. We were very pleased with our experiencein Hungary. We hope to see you soon for a new photographic adventure.”

Simone Bottini and Antonio Sacchi

from Italy