Birds on the Puszta

During the summer (July, August) our birdwatching tour is taken from early morning till 11 am and from 4 pm till sunset, avoiding the summer days’ hottest hours. During this midday break we can rest and relax after the morning tour and gather strength for the afternoon. Our birds are busy with breeding and taking care of young ones, while our green steppe turns into a golden yellow colour. At the end of the summer the first bigger flocks of storks are appearing and the birds are moving in increasingly large flocks in preparation for migration.


2018, 23-29 July     places available

2018, 06-12 August     places available

Upon request are also available!

The cost of this trip is 240000 HUF/person. It is included: transfer from and back to the airport, accommodation, guiding, entrance fees, food, all travel and fuel during the trips. It doesn’t include insurance, air tickets and alkoholic beverages.

    Day 1:

We will meet you at Budapest Airport and after a two-hour transfer, we will arrive at your accommodation in Kisújszállás. If time allows after your arrival, we will take a walk in Kisújszállás and the local area around the house. Birds in the garden of your accommodation often include Golden Oriole, Red-backed Shrike and Nightingale.

    Day 2:

We will visit the surrounding fishponds. We will observe the birds of the area’s swamps, marshes, lakes and reed beds. On the open water surfaces we are going to meet with Ferruginous Ducks, Pochards and Great-crested Grebes. Whiskered and Common Terns will be dipping under the water’s surface. Near the reed beds we can often hear the voice of the Bittern and if we get lucky we can also spot quite a few of these secretive birds. The Purple, Night and Squacco herons, Pygmy Cormorants can be also spotted on these areas. During our tours we are most likely to see Little Bitterns, Bearded and Penduline Tits as well as Bluethroats.

    Day 3:

This is the day for forest bird-watching. During our tour we will visit the old oak copse, riverside woodlands and deciduous woodland plantations. During our trip we will observe Black, Syrian, Great Spotted and Green woodpeckers. In the bushes we can see River- and Barred Warblers too. If we are lucky we may find a Long-eared Owl in one of the magpie nests. The Golden Orioles and Flycatchers will be feeding their young.

    Day 4:

Today we will visit the world-famous Hungarian Puszta. During our trip we will visit different grasslands . It is likely we will come across Saker and Red-footed Falcons, Kestrels, Hobbies, and Imperial Eagles. In the steppe the Rollers, Hoppoes, Lesser grey and Red-backed Shrikes are looking for prey. If we are lucky we will see Great Bustards, the secretive Stone Curlew, Long-legged Buzzard and Short-toed Eagle. We will visit the Great Bustard Reserve in Dévaványa. You will learn about the Hungarian Great Bustard Conservation Programme. We will visit the Folklore Museum located within the Reserve and the surrounding birdwatching places. We will observe the Imperial Eagle, Saker Falcon, Short-eared Owl and Great Bustards on the Puszta, whilst later that day we will visit the rice fields where herons, ducks and swamp warblers live and which provide good feeding sites for other birds as well.

    Day 5:

We will explore the biggest quarry in the Northeast Hungarian Mountains. Here we look for White backed, Grey and Middle spotted woodpeckers. If we are lucky we may find one or two of the Eagle owl and Ural Owl. In the forest Collared and Red breasted flycatchers wait for us. After the dinner a wine testing wait for us.

    Day 6:

2nd day int he mountains. The main targets are Scops owl, Corn crake, Wryneck, Rock bunting, Eagle owl.

    Day 7:

If the timing of your return flight allows, we can visit the centre of the local Environmental Conservation Association and see bird-ringing as well.


Breakfast: packed lunches during the day

Lunch: will be in a local restaurant

Dinner: will be at your accommodation

The daily programs are subject to the weather conditions. We reserve the right to change the order of the programs or the programs partly or in whole.

All programs can be tailored to your interest and needs based on prior arrangement.

If you need further information about this tour, please contact us!