We always try to do our best in our job, but our guests who know us, can probably say much more about it

Tailor made Eagle photo tour around Túrkeve
I got from Hungarobirds and from Zoltan Pabar easygoing, prompt and professional service and he arranged excellent opportunities to take good bird pictures. My only complaiment is that Zoltan did not arrange the snow I was waiting for…
Markus Varesvuo
From Finland

After a television film about Hortobágy, we, my wife and I, absolutely wanted to photograph cranes in October at sunset. So we found Hungarobirds by chance during our research on the Internet. It soon turned out that we can realize many of our photographic wishes perfectly with him. Hide-photography at Zoltan has therefore become an annual highlight for us.

In spring and summer we could take pictures of rollers, hoopoes, Bee-eaters, Red-footed falcons and other magnificent birds from stationary and mobile hides around Kisújszállás. In winter it is always a special highlight to take pictures of imperial eagles, white-tailed eagles and fighting buzzards in the eagle hide. A day in this Hide is long, but never boring. You can end the day with photography of long-eared owls, of which there are many in this area.

Since Zoltan has also built a great accommodation in perfect western standard, the Villa Aquilla, nothing stands in the way of perfect photo holidays. This yearly photo holidays at Hungarobird have become an annual highlight for us. We wish Zoltan all the best and much success in his business!

Raimund Brandstaetter

from Austria

Phototour on the puszta
“Nature in the land of the puszta’s in spring is as we experienced just fantastic. Photographic opportunities are endless and under the excellent guidance of Zoltán I could explore various unique options to study the behaviour of birds and mammals. Red-footed falcon’s stool my heart and several photo-opportunities were devoted to capture flying patterns and mating behaviour, see the accompanying picture. In addition the nice stay in the guesthouse provided the whole family a great experience and an excellent taste of Hungarian hospitality!”

Jan van der Greef

from The Netherlands

As a professional wildlife photographer, I value the local knowledge and subject expertise that Hungarobirds consistently offer. I have visited more than 15 times over the past decade and still find plenty of new images and  locations. The range of available iconic species is excellent and Zoltan’s hides are carefully positioned  to provide the close-up view of bird behaviours that I look for.

Zoltan has a fantastic knowledge of what wildlife is in the area at any time, aided by his large network of contacts that includes birders, park rangers, farmers, fishermen and more. If it’s there, Zoltan will find it for you, and in the most photogenic location possible.

The accommodation – Villa Aquila – is beautiful and very tastefully furnished. It’s certainly a change to return to a luxury apartment with a pool at the end of a long day in the field!

John Gooday

from the United Kingdom

If you are a wildlife photographer It is the best place to get your wildlife images. The Villa is a great place to stay the people who run it are great and make you part of the family. If you don’t get some great images it’s your fault because there is lots of great wildlife about.

Nigel Atkins

from the United Kingdom

“I spent five days at the end of April with Zoltan of Hungarobirds looking for Hungarian puszta and forests birds : I could really get what I needed . The place where Hungarobirds is located is close to all the important bird areas all are reachable in short time.

Zoltan is very professional and he keeps trying until you get the target you need , either is a bird to photograph or to see : he knows the area  inch by inch and besides that you can use his very interesting and comfortable hides to make excellent shots .

I can remind some top emotional moments of the trip : the finding of a Middle-spotted woodpecker after a long research, a very close black woodpecker hunting ants for almost half hour, a tour by car inside the Körös-Maros NP to look for the great bustards ,  the findings of many reed birds in a protected reserve in the Tisza River.

Thanks to Zoltan, I am very satisfied and I think I will come again in another season to try different bird and photography situations.”

Francesco Veronesi

from Italy