Transylvanian hide No.1

My firstĀ  bird photography hide in Transylvania. (Transylvania is a part of Romania). It is located in a deciduous forest near Odorheiu Secuiesc. During the winter we feed the birds, but in the other seasons they come to bath and drink at the small birdbath.

The birds usually come within 1-8 meters. We recommend the 500 mm and 300 mm lenses, but also zoom lenses and extenders can be useful.

The Hide 250 cm wide, 180 cm long and 150 cm high. The reflex glass window is 190 cm by 40 cm. The hide can be comfortable for two photographers.

Possible species: Grey woodpecker, Middle spotted Woodpecker, Jay, Nuthuch, Sparrowhawk, Tits, Finches