Winter bird photo tour

During our trip I will guide you into the heart of the Great Hungarian Plain and we will discover the snowy harsh Puszta. The base of our tour will be around the nice and quiet little country towns of Túrkeve and Kisújszállás. This area has many natural resources such as steppes, forests and marshes, where we can find many interesting subjects for our wildlife photo tour. During our tours we will combine hide photography, hiking and outdoor photography, so warm clothes and hot tea will be an important part of our equipment.


02-08 January, 2018: Places available

16-22 February, 2018: Places available

Upon request are also available!

The cost of this trip is 300000 HUF/person. It is included: transfer from and back to the airport, accommodation, guiding, entrance fees, food, all travel and fuel during the trips. It doesn’t include insurance, air tickets and alkoholic beverages.

Day 1


I will meet you at the Airport and after a two-hour drive we will arrive at your accommodation. After you are settled in, depending on the time of our arrival, we will have lunch or dinner in a local restaurant. If we have time, we will take a walk around town with our cameras and binoculars.

Day 2

Eagle Photography

During the 2nd day we will visit our Eagle Hide, where you will have opportunity to take photos of birds of prey.

Based on previous years’ experience we will be able to photograph White-tailed Eagles, Buzzards and Crows front of the hide. Furtermore the following species can also appear here: Imperial Eagle, Hen Harrier,Marsh Harrier, Grey Heron, not to mention the occasional foxes.

Day 3

Over the Frozen Lakes

During the morning from the reeds on the frozen lakes we will spot and take photos of Kingfisher gathering around the open waters. During harsh winters these usually timid birds become unaware of their surroundings, their fear of humans being overcome by their instinct to survive and they only focus on capturing their prey. This makes it possible to take the desired images of these wonderful birds from only 4-5 meters away. We can also spot Grey Herons, Great White Egrets, Moorhens, Coots and even Little Grebes by the lake. If we are extremely lucky we may be able to take pictures of Bittern or Otters running around the frozen lakes.

During the afternoon we will take be shooting Long-eared Owls which roost around the main square in town. We will also visit their traditional winter spots, where sometimes we can observe hundreds of these birds. Hidden among the Long-eared Owls we can often catch a sight of Short-eared ones, too.

Day 4:

Eagle Photography

During the 4th day we will go back to the Eagle Hide where we will have the opportunity to take photos of birds of prey again. No two visits to this hide are ever the same, there are always surprises to come.

We can picture White-tailed Eagles, Imperial Eagles, Buzzards, and Crows in front of the hide and at time other species such as Hen Harrier, Rough-legged Buzzard, Saker, Golden Eagle can appear, too, not to mention the occasional foxes.

Day 5

Garden Hide Day

During our 5th day we will stay in the Garden Hide, where the winter bird feeder and the heated drinking pool are visited by hundreds of birds daily. In the morning we will have a chance to take pictures of the Syrian Woodpecker and other daily guests including the Goldfinch, the Greenfinch, Brambling, Chaffinch, Blue, and Great Tit. Occasionally we are able to spot Green Woodpecker and Sparrow Hawk.

In the afternoon we will try to spot and photograph the Hawfinch coming to the feeder from a different hide. We will see some Tits, Woodpeckers and different Finches as well. In addition both hides are good places to see Sparrowhawk.

Day 6:

Eagle Photography

During the 6th day we will go back to our Eagle Hide feeling like home by then.

Having gained a lot of experience taking pictures of White-tailed Eagle, Imperial Eagle, and Buzzards and thus empowered by new skills we will be able to concentrate on the images which we would really like to take.

Day 7:


On our way to the airport if we have enough time, we will stop at a few places to take pictures of Crested Lark.

All guests will be accommodated in a local hotel or a guest house.


Breakfast: at the accommodation

Lunch: packed lunch during the day

Dinner: in a local restaurant

Daily programs are subject to weather conditions. We reserve the right to change the order of events or the programs partly or in whole.

All programs can be tailored to your interest and needs based on prior arrangement.