We all like to see and experience the most on a holiday and don’t pay a fortune. Birdwatching and wildlife photography tours on a bus are not the best options, but they are cheap. I have a better deal for you! My tours are custom made just for you, everything that you want in a unique holiday and all for an affordable price.

Bird Watching


Hungary has probably the most beautiful birdlife in Europe. This is due to the country’s location: you can find here the classic European as well as the Mediterranean species from the Balkan, but there are some bird species also quoted in the Central Asian steppes. This unique biodiversity offers up an incredibly rich birding experience […]

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When designing and arranging my photo trips I always try to make sure to offer my guests photo trips that I would enjoy myself. When on a trip, I like catching and observing everything I can, and this is why I organize small group trips, with up to 4 people, including myself (i.e. me and […]

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A lot of people like to walk, hike or track, but if you want to do it in another country, you have many questions or doubts such as who will help me if I get lost? will anybody understand me? where can I get a good map?, just to mention a few. If you need […]

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